5 Famous Beach Club In Bali

Potato Head Beach Club

Potato Head Beach Club is one of the most happening chill-out venues in Seminyak, joining the array of world-class hotspots that line this upscale, cosmopolitan coastal village. The venue is next door to the W Retreat, and its access from the main Jalan Petitenget road is similar to W’s, with a long and narrow lane that transports you to a world of drinks, dining and partying on a large lawn beachfront. From the end of the driveway, you’ll see the quirky architecture of the beach club, particularly its trademark towering feature comprising a patchwork of old and worn teakwood window shutters. Designed by ‘cinematic’ architect Andra Matin, the signature structures and main venue resembles a stadium or coliseum, and the thin curved path into the beach club even makes you feel like a gladiator entering battle.

Finn’s Beach Club


Finn’s Beach Club is a chic hangout on Berawa Beach in Canggu, featuring a magnificent all-bamboo structure that is spacious and airy, and an adjacent blue-tiled freeform infinity pool, you can stay either in our out of the sun, or simply soak in the pool while taking in wide ocean views. The beach club welcomes surfers, who can paddle in for a cold beer and a bite after each session on the waves. For sunset lovers, it is one of the best lounging spots in Canggu for just that, with signature cocktails at hand.

Komune Beach


Komune Beach Club is a perfect venue for those who enjoy the beach lifestyle. Keramas has long been a favorite surf spot and this addition provides an excellent venue for wave riders from around the world to hang, chill and recharge. A half-hour drive from Denpasar, Komune sits right in front of one of Bali’s best high-performance right hand reef breaks. Here you can paddle out and ride the waves, then head in for healthy bites and refreshing drinks under the shelter of a uniquely designed restaurant and bar. Getting to Komune from the main areas such as Denpasar and Sanur, head east along the Ida Bagus Mantra bypass and take a U-turn at the traffic lights before the Bali Safari & Marine Park. A small but well paved road leads you to Komune after a one-kilometre drive. The resort lobby features unusual architecture comprising a slanting roof with solar panels on top of a unique array of sparsely tied bamboo lengths that make it look like a gigantic tatami mat. Through the lobby, the beach club is at the end of a pathway highlighted with green organic gardens and filled with tropical fruits and herbs. You will also pass the resort’s traditional Javanese style Joglo wooden house that forms part of the resort’s distinctive facilities.

Surf & Turf Beach Club


Surf & Turf Beach Club is a great beachfront venue to head to in Nusa Dua for some light bites, beers, cocktails and hours of fun thrills at its waterpark, which is also home to Bali’s first flow rider. Great for families, a main freeform pool borders a kiddie pool and mini playground, while parasol-shaded lounges make for cosy chilling overlooking the white sand bay. The water park has several waterslides including a circling slide called the ‘space bowl’ which is a huge hit with the young and the young at heart. The flow rider is a 16x10m bright blue ramp basically built up of a sloping pool with padded sides, which is fed with a steady surge of freshwater concealed to imitate a constantly breaking wave. Pros can do their thing as they please, while budding surfers can pick up the very basics in an hour or two.

HQ Beach Club


HQ Beach Club at Grand Inna Kuta Bali, also known as ‘Headquarters’, is a fun beachfront venue fit for holidaying families and friends who require a laidback hangout with a neat pool, beach view and access, and with reasonably priced food and drinks. The beach club is located directly on the Kuta coastline and is hard to miss. It is easily accessible from the art vendor-lined path next to the Balawista lifeguard headquarters and the Kuta Beach Sea Turtle Conservation site. Right off the beach footpath and a few steps up is a raised platform where the lawn and swimming pool of HQ Beach Club take centre stage. This lap pool is sandwiched between two different restaurant outlets, namely the HQ Food Hall to its north and the HQ Japanese Restaurant at the opposite end. HQ’s main lounge hall situated just after the pool area features a bar surrounded by various seating options. All provide alfresco settings and are well shaded from the heat of the day; a nice retreat, just in case you’ve had enough rays from lying out on the sun beds.

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